The company's investment in research, product development and clinical studies in the field of pain management since 2004, has led to the development of state of-the-art medical devices.
Our latest innovation, the algostim® Generator has been designed and manufactured by our dedicated team of engineers, to ensure a quality product is delivered.   
algostim® offers the physician the most comprehensive chronic pain management system on the market. It incorporates Algotec's unique and minimally invasive NeuroStimulator PENS therapy®, Pulsed Radiofrequency neurostimuulation and Thermal Radiofrequency Ablation technologies, for managing chronic pain with improved patient outcomes. The intuitive touch screen user interface focuses on patient safety, clearly displaying critical and detailed information to the physician.
The algostim® Generator has been designed with a user friendly, software driven platform, which independently controls up to 4 PENS therapy Probes or RF Electrodes simultaneously. Flexible treatment customising options and real time treatment parameter monitoring is made possible though advanced software technology.    
NeuroStimulator PENS therapy®
PENS therapy Probes
algostim® Generator
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